About Us

Inspired Landscape is driven by Brian Choppin’s eye for artistic design, his lifetime of experience in landscape construction and maintenance, and his passion for nature.

The company is committed to excellence, to having satisfied clients, to ensuring that everyone involved enjoys the creative process, and to taking care of our land and precious resources.

Brian is passionate about transformation. He’s been involved in personal growth since he became sober at age 23. Self-development has been fuel for his soul and the key to creating the life he always wanted.

In the early 2000’s he met his wife April and together they participated in, assisted at, and facilitated personal growth workshops. One of Brian’s core passions is assisting people in their healing so that they can create more in their lives.

He is also passionate about development and transformation as it applies to our environment; he loves improving the external world and creating sacred spaces for people.

Brian utilizes his experience in personal growth in his business.

Through his ability to listen to people fully he is able to see the big picture and support them in getting what they want. Working in collaboration, his clients feel heard and understood and he is then able to help them create their vision while enjoying the process.

In his early 20’s Brian worked and trained under an expert horticulturist and landscaping business owner in Southern California. In 1987, he started his own landscape maintenance company called Flash Garden and in 1993 obtained the C-27 Contractor’s license from the state of California that allowed him to design and install landscapes.

In 2014, with a desire to apply his own growth and to contribute to creating ethical business models for landscape contracting businesses, Brian started Inspired Landscape.

Brian is a lifelong nature lover. Sailing, flying small planes, hiking, and camping extensively in his early years, he took every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Brian lives in Orange County, California with his wife of 20 years April, their 2 children, Kaia & Tian, his dog Zoey and his 2 kitties, Bolt & Hazel.

He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and loves adventures, including hiking, rock climbing, boating, and watersports.

Beauty gifts us in an extraordinary way. The space and areas that we spend time in contribute directly to us feeling supported and to the quality of our lives. 

When we make something better, even more, when we transform it into beautiful and graceful, it reminds us of what we can accomplish. This is one of the many reasons that I love what I do!